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April Newsletter - Hang in There!

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you are doing great! If not, hang in there!

Count me as one of those struggling mentally with the current situation. It's massively disruptive. I have good days followed by very bad days. Blocked vision due to societal instability, hard to anticipate the future. I don't force it. I feel called to act so I get wrapped up in other things. I'll be thrilled when all this is over.

The website is doing good!

We've gained a few members! Welcome! I know I can do a better job in all phases and I know that I will. Last year at this time I was rebuilding from the data loss. I have a goal of 50 members by the end of April! I'm shooting for 100 by the end of summer. We don't know exactly how the future will play out in the next 3-6-9 months. There will be big opportunity as the lockdown ends, timing is hard.

I pretty much stopped posting to Facebook recently but I plan to return. I posted a couple things today so that's a start. Creating content is a flow state and I can't get there with the disruptions. It's like trying to light a fire in a hurricane.

Here is a short list of what I've been working on...


We now have SPC Convective Outlook maps updated hourly on this page.

SPC outlook page
SPC outlook page

I'm not sure where I can use them but they are nice to have. I'm coming around to the SPC as their performance has been pretty good in recent years. I will still create my own outlooks on the storm event page. This morning I fixed a bug preventing updates and will be monitoring it.

Home Page Remodeling

I updated the list of member services on the home page. This will also align with a new member survey I'm working on. The home page is a long term project and it evolves as the website evolves.

Home page member services section
Home page member services section


Small project to create the 7-Day Wisconsin forecast temperature graph from the admin 7-day outlook tool. Before I was using the automated Wisconsin Rapids forecast. I'm still using the Hancock, WI HCN historical observations record for the averages.

Wisconsin 7-day graphic which is based on the 7-day outlook admin tool.
Wisconsin 7-day graphic which is based on the 7-day outlook admin tool.

OTHER CHANGES - not too much actually. A few bug fixes here or there but nothing worth mentioning. Small things.


Once expectations are set I often find myself rebelling against them, so I won't make any promises here. My primary focus has been on the home page. I want to add a survey to member registration to get an idea of what people are using the website for the most. I'm tossing around the idea of expanding 7-day forecast services. Possibly some new graphs/graphics.

I'm ready to chase some storms! I'm waiting for the right opportunity. Feel like I missed one with the hail storms a couple weeks ago. It's a long season and we're at the cusp.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon!



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