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7 DAY - Fall Like Now, Return to Summer & Storm Chances

Fall like this week, warming closer to seasonal averages by this weekend. Maybe a light rain shower THU or FRI. T-storm CHANCES this weekend moving into a slightly more active period. Overall seem to be on target with the monthly forecast = wet & cooler. I want to get the train rolling. 2020 has been the worst year ever. Need a little help from mother nature.

7-DAY forecast for central Wisconsin. Improved graphics.
7-DAY forecast for central Wisconsin. Improved graphics.

Weather is quiet as ever. Weathering a storm of different variety. The world - as we know it - is ending. The Great Awakening? What will the weather information landscape be like when this is over? It might be one that drives people to independent sources like wisconsinwx.com. Take care guys!



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