Winter storm underway. Scattered mixed precip this morning (snow NW). Accumulating snow by this afternoon as heavier bands move in from the southwest

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Dadyoho | Feb 4, 2021
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Hmm can't see your comment. Strange. 
Justin Poublon | Feb 4, 2021
I'll try again. This seems like a sloppy storm system in terms of a defined center. Is it a trough or did the energy just get spread out in different directions?
Dadyoho | Feb 5, 2021
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Good question. Looks like the northern & southern stream energy not in sync to start the day. Coming together now but too late for us. Almost like cold front is crushing it east. Just my opinion. Major systems will tend to get organized further west/south and arrive in WI in a mature phase. 
Justin Poublon | Feb 5, 2021


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