Soaking rain atm from WI Dells to Shawano. Rain is stationary within the red dashed zone and will continue into early TUES AM. Rain totals around 1-2" in marked zone. No severe weather.
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Justin-thanks for the nighttime update; lawn will really grow after all this rain!
Hey, that elbow looked awful and painful. Better get that checked out man. Take care. 
RGSODR | Jun 23, 2020
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Thanks! I agree, my lawn was drying out. Good rain. Not the heavy rain event I thought might be coming in. That's ok. A few quiet days ahead. 

Elbow is painless actually. Bursitis I believe and think I know the cause. Supposed to rest it for 4-6 wks (ha! NOT HAPPENING). Keeping an eye on it. 
Justin Poublon | Jun 23, 2020
Glad it’s not as painful as it looks. Nasty!  I had bursitis in my knee once, but that wasn’t as big as your elbow, and it was painful. Go figure!

So this rain is just going to sit over us all night?  Or is it really spinning or something?
Anyway, still steady light rain here. 
RGSODR | Jun 23, 2020
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