WIWX ALERTS - I don't push SMS/EMAIL message for EVERY UPDATE. Some things don't need to be sent out, less important, or redundant. Also I have to ability to target message sends by county; if you don't have a saved location in that specific county - you won't get the message. I'm open to suggestions. Perhaps we could add an entire domain distribution list...if you're on it; you'd get everything posted regardless of location or importance. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Part of the reason I unsubbed from WU years ago was because I got tired of getting redundant texts telling me every 15 minutes that it's snowing.  I'm guessing that was based on every update from the NWS?

Tornado warning updates every 5 minutes?  Yes, please!  But not so much on forecasts, watches, etc.

legoman | Jun 12, 2020
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Hey Rich! Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like we're on the right track. The NWS warnings, watches, and advisories are limited to NEW and UPGRADED messages. The system won't send EVERYTHING....for example continuations, cancellations, expiration, etc. get suppressed. Flood Warnings are blocked too. No need to send everything. I use the same philosophy with WIWX alerts that I send manually. 
Justin Poublon | Jun 12, 2020
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