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[NEW VIDEO] - Winter Storm Chasing Vlog - Feb 9, 2020

A LITTLE HISTORY - A long time ago in a distinct galaxy known as 2009-2015 Wisconsin, we made videos as a form of expression.

YouTube was the primary form of dissemination. It was great at first but copyright infringement became a huge problem. We became so afraid of getting our hard work blacklisted that we switched to royalty free music and tried to do what everyone else did. Furthermore the appeal to mass media...trying to appear "refined and official" so that the media and others would take us seriously bent us (me I guess) so far out of shape that it really wasn't much fun.

Then life got in the way. Gotta have that house, family, and kids. (I love my family and kids dearly). But I was steered in the wrong direction. Thought I was doing what everyone is supposed to do until I hit the point of "okay, now what?". Now that I've detached from the rat race I can take the time to do much work to my fullest.

Most storm chasers who do video also have video brokers to generate revenue when the networks come calling. From my perspective most of the time it boils down to "go to the highway and film accidents". Ha, right. Sorry, not interested. But because it's a money thing some are gravitated to it. Has to be the right situation for me. Some days I just want to film ducks in a pond for five hours. Not going to ruin my experience to meet a deadline or chase the check. I think the stock footage route is better for me.

Honestly, I'm tired of it. I refuse to play by other peoples rules when it comes to my creativity. We have an opportunity to do something different so let's do it. In this video I've mixed together some new techniques and old.

This will take us back to a time when I first started doing this. The video's come together in the moment. This takes no planning. It just happens. That's how I like it. You may not understand it but please remember; sometimes these things are "a creative artistic experience with depth and symbolism." The best part is if YouTube or Facebook blocks my video - I can host it on wisconsinwx.com without worry. We can say screw you to the YouTube/Facebook rules and do what we want.

SIDE NOTE - If this weather thing doesn't work out I may have a future as a rockstar.



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