Observation Types

Current breakdown of all active observation types on WISCONSINWX.COM. New observation types will be added as they become available.
Distinct rotating column beneath wall cloud in connection with the ground
Reported: 524
Tornado over water often quite tall and skinny
Reported: 24
Severe weather damage
Dense Fog
Water vapor condensing into clouds at ground level
Reported: 23
Freezing Rain
Liquid rain freezes to ground and elevated surfaces on contact.
Reported: 1317
Heavy Snow
Snow accumulating quickly with low visibility
Reported: 3096
Large Hail
Icy stones typicaly found with thunderstorm activitiy, with diameter greater than pea-size or 0.25 inches
Reported: 5550
Non T-Storm Wind
Wind not associated with convective thunderstorm activity
Reported: 5061
Clear ice pellets or white graupel, mostly spherical in shape
Reported: 287
Light or moderate accumulating snowfall
Reported: 37485
T-Storm Wind
Thunderstorm wind gust either estimated or measured
Reported: 8713
Flash Flood
Any situation where water is blocking land or roads causing problems
Reported: 2414
Heavy Rain
Liquid precipitation (inches)
Reported: 14449