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Pattern is kind of active right now. When I think of an active pattern I expect a storm track directly through the Great Lakes. Maybe next week.
Starting tonight, a low pressure system will move into the Wisconsin Monday night and Tuesday with 8-12"+ of snow expected. Blowing and drifting during and after the storm. Get the all the details here!
A weak upper level disturbance will produce accumulating snow over Wisconsin on Sunday, mainly during the afternoon hours. 1-3" is a safe bet for most places. 3-6" is expected roughly from Eau Claire to Marinette.
When you support Wisconsin Weather, you get more than a weather forecast.
A major storm will develop Thursday bringing heavy snow, sleet, freezing rain. Gusty winds as the storm ends. Get the details here!
Latest models suggest higher snow totals of 4-8" from Eau Claire to Lakewood. Freezing drizzle likely following the snow/sleet in central WI.
On Tuesday night snow will accumulate in northern Wisconsin. A mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain could cause slippery road conditions in the south. Monitoring the freezing rain threat closely.
Freezing rain appears likely across the U.P of Michigan including portions of northeast Wisconsin Monday morning
Temperatures could reach 40°F this weekend. Icy road conditions may develop due to light freezing drizzle/cold ground surface. The main low arrives on Monday morning bringing heavier precipitation rates.
My experience with the brutal cold. Thoughts on the pattern ahead
Sporadic power outages across Wisconsin this morning. Links to the outage map in your area.
A foot of snow and wind gusts to cause blizzard conditions on Monday in Wisconsin. Major cold arrives by Tuesday night. Get ready, here comes winter!
Hold on to your butts. After a winter storm on Monday the arctic will unleash it's coldest assault yet across Wisconsin. How cold could it get? Lets take a look.
Forecast models continue to shift and change and the NWS has been shifting headlines. Here is the latest information on our current winter storm!
Much has changed in the last 12 hours. A major winter storm is expected across southern Wisconsin today through Wednesday morning. Get the official forecast here!
How do we handle outlier forecast models?
A Winter storm will impact all of Wisconsin early this week beginning in north on Monday night. Several inches of snow accumulation is expected by late Wednesday morning statewide. Lots of uncertainty. What can you count on? Here are my thoughts!
Several inches of snow will fall across southern Wisconsin on Friday night. How much snow will you get? Find out here
Why latest forecasts are coming in less cold than initial forecasts. The global weather patterns still in transition. The end result still looking cold for February.
We keep saying it will "get colder" but exactly how cold? and when? It's the coldest time of the year on average. Model forecasts support below average temperatures for the remainder of the month with a handful of warmer days.
Below average temperatures to make a return during the coldest time of the year. Snow will probably return gradually though cannot rule out a bigger storm in January. It's Winter Part 2.
I looked at 120 years of snow, precipitation, and temperature records from Green Bay Wisconsin. Sunspot minimum is associated with snowy Green Bay, WI winters.
The Midwest from Missouri to Ohio will receive several inches of heavy snow on Saturday in what could be a major storm. Wisconsin will miss out on most of it but could get clipped in the far south. Light snow possible northeast.
The next seven days look boring but when will it get colder? 20k facebook likes!?
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