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A huge opportunity is upon us. The next chapter in the book of wisconsinwx.com. The day has finally come to share the details of our new membership fee with you!
NOW AVAILABLE! Head over to our teespring storefront and pick up a new t-shirt!
Membership fee goes into action this week. What the plan is and what it means for existing members.
Why you never hear from me and why that is about to change.
A short write up about the July 19th 2019 chase.
Excessive Heat and Thunderstorms. Big cooldown for next week.
We talk about storm chasing in Wisconsin, my story, pursuing your passion, and more!
The WIWX team covered the storm across Wisconsin on Thursday. Watch their adventures here ->
Thunderstorms will develop on Thursday, some which could be strong to severe. Unfortunately the exact details remain uncertain. Learn more here->
It has been remarkably quiet. This could be the weakest storm season in Wisconsin history. What's the problem? What to expect.
The latest news regarding Wisconsin Weather. Membership fee is coming. Personal life update.
New season of chasing storms in a new format based on story telling
Friday PM, Saturday, and Sunday will bring multiple rounds of rain and storm activity to Wisconsin. Rainfall amounts could reach 2-4" for some. There is disagreement on exactly where the heaviest rain will fall.
A typical May pattern but still tough and predictability has been low. Crazy personal life.
Our hand tailored t-storm outlooks are created in-house via the Storm Event forecasting system, then disseminated through the variety of services we offer here at wisconsinwx.com such as the Member Forecast. Click here to learn what they mean!
Pretty typical late spring weather is expected this week. There will be t-storm chances Thursday and Friday.
Weather forecasting is essentially educated guessing. With the technology we have these days, anyone can fine tune their ability to learn how to make their own weather forecast if they take the time to do it. But its not a requirement.
Take me back to when all this began
It's a merp fest. Not much deviation in our weather pattern going into the first full week of May (May 6-10). It's just kind of blah.
Where have we been? Since our epic run in January and February we've had a much different objective in March and April. WIWX 8.0 is here. More to come.
Wisconsin Weather suffered a major data loss between February 21 and April 23, 2019 due to an unfortunate virus attack at our web host. Your membership may have been affected. Details here.
An strengthening low pressure system will track from Colorado to through southern Wisconsin into Michigan this weekend. Heavy snow, ice, and rain expected. Here are my latest thoughts
2019 is off to an incredible start. Yet another major storm will take aim at Wisconsin with heavy snow, ice, and rain threats. It will be our 12th winter storm and 4th major event already this year.
A winter storm will arrive Wednesday morning and continue throughout the day. Snow accumulations of 4-7" in northern Wisconsin. 2-4" in the south and east. Locally higher amounts possible.
Forecast models are in good agreement for developing light snow late Saturday night through Sunday across southern Wisconsin. Minor snow accumulation expected.
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