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My thoughts on the SORCE TSI record, where we are now, and what history might suggests about our near future.
A major spring winter storm is expected to bring heavy snow and rain to Wisconsin Sunday night and Monday. Here is the latest forecast and information.
Will we continue our quiet mild spring or is a major change on the horizon? Here are my latest thoughts on mid-April.
Justin Poublon talks with Jason Mechelke on Wisconsin's Outdoor Explorer Podcast about severe weather safety.
Video update on status of spring and a look ahead!
We're moving along nicely into spring. Thu/Fri warmer with highs in the 50's ahead of a cold front which will bring a rain chance Friday
How did we do on our first monthly forecast?
Recapping an early season moderate risk for severe thunderstorms in Illinois/Iowa
Communication is one of the most important aspects of what we do. Let's go through it
Facing an uphill battle for sun and warmer temps in the days ahead with clouds in the way. Hopefully warm enough to open those windows and get outside more
Many distractions right now but it's business as usual for us
The AO has peaked and now showing signs that it could finally unravel in late March
Struggle is real. Storm events back to member only. New yearly membership payment option. Me vs. the world.
Highs into the 50's this weekend. Rain early next week. Latest thoughts on the long range
Temps of 5-15°F above avg over the next week or two. Preview for Monday video forecast
Free trials of our membership service end on Sunday, March 1st. What happens next?
(VIDEO) Latest thoughts on March and AO Arctic Oscillation research I've been working on.
As you climb the mountain remember that with each step you put it behind you
Colder than average this week, returning to near average this weekend. Storm possible next week.
Achievements are here! Moving into execution/operational phase with a whole new set of dreams and goals.
Back to the good ole ways. A little history. Storm chasing video explained.
The Arctic Oscillation has been strongly positive. See what that means for Wisconsin Weather.
7 day outlook shows a couple snow chances. A short lived cold shot on Thursday. Watching closely.
6-10" of snow across central Wisconsin on Sunday. See forecast & maps for more details!
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