Pretty windy yesterday. Many with gusts over 40MPH
The weather has been active but I'm still waiting for a significant system for which we've had a long drought. Will probably remain quiet till something catches my eye. 2021 will be the first storm chase season that I won't post frequent predictions or updates. I'm using SPC outlooks to cover that and this site will serve mostly an observational purpose. YouTube will be used when the opportunity arises. Altogether, I'm curious to see if this will make my chase adventures more enjoyable? Less stressing about whether storms are following the predictions or not. 
DEV UPDATE - Developing new post templates for dynamic display across the site. So far they look very similar to other social media sites because hey, it works. I'm doing my best to tailor it to our own unique uses. This project started with simply wanting a cleaner way to LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE but turning into a large clean up & standardization project making the code-behind easier to work with in the future. It doesn't need to be FB 2.0 but it should be functional enough to have effective interactions.
At HVO for a field course in January 2011. Can't wait to get back there one day.
THROWBACK - What the live map looked like in 2014.
10.12 small update added SPC Convective Outlooks to live map along with a couple other improvements. 
Band of heavy snow & sleet will moving northeast today and weakening with time. Snow amnts generally in the 1-3" across the southern half of WI (near 6" along the Mississippi River).