Classic. Eluded to the possibility of heavier band on the vlog yesterday. Didn't map it out though I could have. Curious to see all the reports from today/tonight. I think the 1-3" looks good for most.
Snowy one arriving from the west. Dropped 9" in far western IA earlier. Not expecting that much in WI but there could be locally heavier amts in the la Crosse region.
SEASONAL SNOW ACCUM - Snowy winter for S WI, IL, and IA already at or above seasonal avg while N WI below avg. I remember many years of little snow in southern WI. Curious to see how this map looks in the end with more snow on the way.
Warmer next week
Winter weather advisory in far southeast WI for upcoming storm. Combo of low pressure system and lake enhancement could bring over 6" to Chicagoland. Snow possible across most of SE WI.
Southern Wisconsin with plenty of snow (depth) this winter. Next few days will see that snow cover grow across the Midwest/Ohio Valley. 
Live map yesterday. Thought it was funny how Missouri was a checker board. Website display issue, likely to do with warning priority (all being equal). Time to fix & improve. 
Trains + snow never gets old. Processing video from Feb 4, 2021 winter storm. 
Chilly again this morning
WIWX 10.1 went live moments ago. New map legend. YouTube video section is back. mPing reports integrated with the classic & live map types. Small changes/bug fixes here & there. No blog write up today. I want to stay lightweight and keep moving forward. 10.2 will bring a new "About Us" page that is badly needed and long awaited. Isolated this project to focus on it. Many things I want to do in 10.3. Take care!
Example of an mPING report observations on the Live Map. Coming with next website release.
Starting this project tonight. New map legend. Not something I planned on but needs to be redone to look nice with the report type legend.
Very cold tonight. Lows dipping below -20F in Western WI
DEV NOTES - Making improvements to classic map product. Fixed a display issue with Wind Chill Advisories. These map products will now be in 1920-1080 format. New reports type legend (unfinshed product). mPING report dots. Moved road overlays above non-polygonal NWS alert types (i.e county based alerts). Development continues. 
Regarding Facebook - no motivation to post there right now. I'm happy here. Feel I'm satisfying my call to action. I've got more than enough to keep me busy. Never know when the winds will change.
Cool. 1170+ views on the latest forecast 100% organically. I didn't share the forecast anywhere expect youtube so many had to search for the website. I could get 500k on Facebook going viral. I enjoy the smaller crowd right now. I feel like it means more here. I want to keep improving this place so you CHOOSE to keep coming back. Thank you for visiting wisconsinwx.com 🙂
SNOWFALL AMOUNTS - I was surprised by what happened in eastern MN and have no explanation for it. Most models showed narrow band of heavier amts somewhere across southern WI...turned up on the far western side, last second short range model trend. Many reports over 8" in the north.
Outside enjoying this beautiful weather 😃
Round of heavy white stuff will be the fun for this afternoon. Snowfall rates around 1"/hr possible.
Winter storm underway. Scattered mixed precip this morning (snow NW). Accumulating snow by this afternoon as heavier bands move in from the southwest
Much colder than average this weekend heading through next week.
Experimenting with precipitation type graphics again using current observations...and now mPING reports as input. I don't usually push updates to website code before/during winter storms but this is an opportunity to test the system out. Only testing one map. Curious to see how it works out.     
Can barely see other side of the pond.
Freezing fog this morning
NWS alerts filling up this morning. Large watch area. We'll see who goes to Warning or advisory before tomorrow. A consistent 12z model run suite would be great.
NWS issues watch. 4-8" in northeast Wisconsin. Expect the rest of WI to fill in with some form of watch, warning, or advisory.