If you have any weird display issues following the latest release on your mobile device/android, you can fix it by clearing your cache located under History in your brower settings. Cntrl+ F3(or F5) on desktop.
NEW in 10.0. Storm Event forecast verification maps expanded back to the regional scale. Quick analysis on last system: lots of reports but nailed the bullseye Lake Michigan shoreline down through Chicago. I was too aggressive in central Wisconsin. Snowfall accumulation zones are now colored based on order, not magnitude. May do that with heavy rain/ice maps too. (also start time cutoff not showing light snows in Dakotas/MN/Iowa.
10.0 went live moments ago. New navigation & header plus other things. Will detail these changes & more in an upcoming newsletter. Work starts now on next release 10.1. 
System for late next week pulling a disappearing act. Much weaker than initially predicted. Rain/snow mix still likely. 
NOT impressed with snow reports this AM in southern WI. Still snowing and hopefully we close the gap.
STATUS UPDATE - No updates tomorrow (SAT) as I will be away from the desk. Tonight I'm working on the development side - in addition to the winter storm forecast - and I've got the majority of the next website release wrapped up. Last thing is to attempt to establish connection with mping report feed for map integration. Could be neat if they let us use beyond trial period. Take care and talk to you all soon!
Working hard the last week or so on changes & new additions here on wisconsinwx. Already hinted some of those in recent videos. Probably another 5 days of work left. Stay tuned for a large blog post covering all that PLUS my plans for the future. 
Wow. Models NEVER showed the heavy snow band THAT far north. Surprising. Just when you think you've got it all figured out.
Heavy snow band pushed further north than expected overnight bringing 3-6"+ as far north as Fond du Lac County. Sharp cut off in snow amts just north of that. Snow totals underperforming near and south of the WI/IL border. Still snowing in southern WI.
Frost crystals on the tree
NOAA outage. Once the system comes back up (hopefully today) you'll see advisory alerts popping up in Southern WI & N IL. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Experiencing an issue with the NWS warning feed atm. Receiving no information from the EAS. Reaching out to FEMA for more information. 
Light snow will redevelop tonight. Another inch or two by Saturday AM.
Large lull in the storm this morning. Plenty of dry air cycling through.
In the coming weeks I will disable SMS/TEXT messaging services as the funds run dry. Email still works. Not destroying SMS from website code and may bring it back in the future because it was a great thing. Thanks.
Simplification. In the past I was building everything to expand. Now I want to simplify to make it fun. Reduce it down to what we're best at and try a few new things. It will take some time but feels like the right direction.  
No updates recently with quiet weather. I asked my wife to hide the power cord to the computer. I love weather but other areas of my life need attention right now. Talk to you soon!