So many issues. Too much dry air entering the western side of the system in between main forcing mechanisms. Contributing to earlier end time for heaviest snow, though light snow is expected overnight. Heaviest snows also stayed in northeast IA/NW IL, blocked moisture transport north? Correct magnitude...wrong location. Still snowing around the state. Mixing with sleet along the WI/IL border.
Plenty of dry air pushing into western Wisconsin. Heaviest snows falling just south of 7-10" zone. It might end up alright.
I've had this on my mind lately. The actual quote is: “I was born for the storm, and a calm does not suit me.” - Andrew Jackson. Free to share. 
The joy of being able to share my weather predictions with you. My contribution to society. My way of helping others. Good vibes good times.
Looks like fun! Most of Wisconsin under an advisory or warning for snow tomorrow night. Sorry Rhinelander!
short range models have very narrow but heavy band of snow today. Too aggressive in the SW? Not much outside of that band.
Watching FRI JAN 1 for yet another system. Medium range models now suggest this system is likely to impact WI HOWEVER consistency is very poor. Confidence is low.
Watching a possible storm for TUE/WED next week. It's persisted on many runs now GFS & EC and could be significant if it actually happens. Still several days away and much could change. I'll take a closer look after Christmas. Happy holidays!
Calm before the storm. Snow will develop quickly today across eastern MN/NW WI.
THU AM - Wind chills expected to reach -10 to -20F range in Wisconsin on Thursday morning (colder NW). -20 to -30F in Minnesota.
Quiet weather at the moment. No update this week. Looking forward to next week.
Western edge of the winter storm cloud deck. Neat cloud and clearing that follows.
winter storm is ending, light snow for a couple more hours in the far east. Storm total snowfall on the high end of forecast...9" report near Middleton.
Snow reports showing well this morning with a couple 5" amts from Dubuque to Madison area. More snow will fall today in Southern WI with the heaviest accums in the east. The best snow bands are slipping sligjtly further north this AM....as far as Green Bay and up the lake Michigan shoreline where the NWS extended the Advisory. Snow ends before 6PM tonight.
Working on a project. Playing around with April 10, 2011 using archived radar images and the new storm events database.