Got the location right. Too low/not aggressive enough on magnitude/amts. I somewhat joked on the forecast that heavy rain wouldn't be an issue unless someone got 10.0". That nearly happened north of WI Dells! I think ma nature is mocking me. 
New membership registration is disabled until further notice. With announcement on Facebook I didn't want to "drive memberships" or make it seem like anything other than what it is. Just wanted to be honest. I will be out of the office this weekend. Will reassess the situation on Monday. Burn out SUCKS. 2020 = not good. But still pushing through. Thank you.
Gosh, the rainfall estimates from the last event!!
Right turn? Thunderstorms last night took a hard right turn into southern WI. This happens as the updrafts backbuild towards the strongest this case storms were pulled south & west. Made me chuckle when compared to the outlook. Mother nature still has a sense of humor.
severe warned cell cluster diving into southern WI. Taking the best instability with it. Not over for east central WI yet.
Very DRY for most of us. Was forecast to be a wet month. We need the rain. Ground to make up in the final days of AUG.
Two storm event forecasts were created for MON PM & TUES AFT timeframe. Perhaps another event later in the week too. Somewhat active - relative to the nothing burger it's been - in the days ahead. Talk to you soon.
New t-shirt design now available! They do shrink in the wash a little so I recommend going one size up.
New SQL code snippet(partial) I wrote today to pull comments from the database into the various feeds across the website. Requires a new preview template on comment post types. Two day project that I plan to finish tomorrow!
Good progress today! 

Fixed Issue with 7-day forecast jpegs caused by memory intensive process of *recently implemented* storm event shading. For now this feature will only be available on the 7-day forecast I create manually. Fixed bugs with graphing and website logo.  

ON THE DEVELOPMENT SIDE/WILL GO LIVE IN THE FUTURE: made changes to home page layout...removing Discussion board widget, adding in a few maps. I added comment functionality to storm pages! Fixed bug on my profile page. A list of projects ready to go for tomorrow. Take care!
I want to do BI-WEEKLY 7-day forecast updates. SUN PM/MON & THU? Try to do it at a higher quality. Getting into a rhythm would be incredibly helpful. Think I need more tools in the toolbox [ i.e more forecast graphics to choose from]. Dew point & weekend forecast graphics are top of my list but depends on where the development priorities are.
MONTHLY FORECASTS are updated thru OCT 2020.
New website update pushed live tonight includes a few improvements to 7-day forecast graphics. Watching for bugs..want it to be stable ahead of bigger changes to come. I seem to be drifting back into development mode. New stuff in the works. Talk to you soon!
New t-shirt design will come eventually. Had to make changes to the first attempt because nobody liked the upside-down lettering. I always test them first.
Working on the 7-DAY graphic jpegs. Successfully added storm events shown by impact color class using test events. Will go live on the next website update.
Trying to make 7-day forecasts more enjoyable to create & view. Working on the next evolution of the 7-day forecast editor tool. First attempt at integrating the storm events system (test storm marked by red shading) which operates on an HOURLY basis. Thought this might be a nice way to differentiate from other wx sources. This is on the admin side and planning to copy it over to the HOME page. I also want to integrate with automated/local 7-day forecast system graphics...specifically the .jpeg images...on a regional basis where if you're county is not targeted for a storm event, the red shading won't appear. Large project. Making progress.
Trending cooler than average in mid-August, precip near average after a wetter start for some
Everything back up & running today at IEM who supplies our map elements. Their servers lost power during the derecho in IA yesterday. This type of outage has never happened before on WIWX. Also caused the SMS system to error on send. Added a new failsafe this AM that will allow SMS to still send even if maps are down.
Not a good day. Compounding failures. Got swallowed by heavy rain near Monroe before I could get in final position. Feel sick to my stomach seeing the damage in Iowa. The IEM data warehouse has been down since 11AM so maps are still not updating. Tomorrow is a new day.
significant severe weather situation for northeast IA at the moment with widespread straightline wind gust damage...wind gusts of 70-90MPH. This complex will move near/along the WI/IL border this aft. Additional storm development likely across the rest of southern WI. Eyes on
Storms in Iowa causing wiwx maps crash. Unable to connect to Iowa State server. Definitely a serious weather situation down in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, IA where the reports, radar, warning information source data is located. Server overload or outage.
short range models all in agreeement
Latest trends suggest severe thunderstorms are likely today. Pushed to SEVERE. Worst near/along WI/IL border. Damaging winds the primary threat. I'll be in the area. Stay safe!
Small cluster of strong to severe t-storms w/ damaging wind gusts pushing through central WI atm. Models suggest weakening east of I39. Another t-storm event likely develops today/this aft for the rest of S WI.
Models trending more aggressive with t-storm activity SAT AM over northern & central WI. Remnants of overnight complex. Timing is poor for severe wx but at least will mention the chance of storms. Gradually weakening during the day.
Small cluster of thunderstorms continues through northern MN, set to head into northwest WI tonight. You can tell by the yellow SVR TSTORM WATCH that more development was expected into the Minneapolis region. Simply hasn't happened to this point and it's looking more likely that the existing storm cluster to head due east into far northern WI. A few damaging wind gusts overnight.
I've never waited until the last minute on so many events like I have in 2020. Storms have favored Minnesota and NW WI. I won't put THE ENTIRE STATE on blast if only a small percentage is potentially impacted. Low certainty. Slow year overall. I'm worried one will sneak through like Aug 2013. When you are least suspecting, it comes and need the message to get across. Miss miss miss, hit.
Models seem to be struggling on tstorm chances this weekend. Still think best chance for storms will be Sunday night or early Monday morning statewide with cold front. Just bizzare that latest models showing nothing SAT PM with heat/instability pool developing. Best chances north throughout the weekend. Some short range models sparse for SUN PM too. Dont want to rule out anything right now.
Based on top 10 coldest 8/4's in Green Bay, the following SEP-OCT looks like this. Interesting that early AUGUST cold suggests warmer/drier SEP-OCT.
00/06 EC/GFS focusing bulk of t-storm chance on Sunday night, less aggressive for SAT & MON. GFS pictured here.
In an average year, Wisconsin will have 11 days of severe t-storm activity after 8/5. The season is 75% over.
Another cool August morning! Temperatures are 15 degrees below average! It's beautiful but also scary...we need another two months of summer! High near 70 today (warmer west). Have a great day :)