MONDAY - Scattered thunderstorms likely across northern WI Monday during the day (better chances afternoon). Isolated chance of a rain shower or storm in the south based on latest data. A strong t-storm or two is possible supported by the SPC Day 2 Outlook. I'll let you know if anything changes.
THUNDERSTORM FORECASTS - Here are what my thunderstorm forecast zones mean: STRONG is somewhere between general and severe. A storm can produce a weak tornado but be non-severe otherwise. SEVERE equals numerous severe storms with all hazards, potentially widespread. SIGNIFICANT is for the worst of the worst, major outbreak or widespread concern...I haven't used a SIG zone yet in the 3 years I've been using this criteria. TARGET used to narrow down a zone of maximum impact.
I've been interested in video forecasts lately. I can present so much more information that way. The BLOG method of communication feels old and outdated with regards to forecasting weather...the blog is still good for stories and recaps. Just discovering HOW & WHEN to use. Will require website reorganization.
Brainstorming a new forecast update structure. Hard to know what's going on if you always have to dig for it. Solution seems to be putting a sample of all activity right on the surface, dig from there.
FYI - All email messages seem to be hitting my spam/promotions folder. Maybe you can find a way to unspam it? Another reason I recommend having SMS/text messaging preference set. We have really good deliver-ability with SMS. I will be re-enabling blog posts to send via SMS on the next website update (disabled previously for reasons).
Updated monthly forecasts this morning removing some detail from the maps hopefully avoiding another May precip forecast repeat. Long weekend ahead and I'll be thinking of new things to try. I feel the need to simplify. We expanded so much over the winter and may have gone to far? Still trying to locate my niche. Thanks for your continued support! Talk to you soon!
THU 8:40 - morning round was focused along and south of the WI/IL border. Expect afternoon t-storm redevelopment to take place in Illinois. Gloomy day to begin, perhaps some sunny breaks later.
Monthly forecasts updated again through July with more details.
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