I've create a new storm event for the middle of next week. Seeing an interesting pattern that could bring strong thunderstorms if everything comes together. Also April and May monthly forecasts updated
Personal note - March has been a rough month battling sickness in the household. Total lack of energy and creativity. Extra sleep seems to be helping. Today is the first day I feel like I'm getting better and hopefully I can carry over into tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Thank you for your patience!
The AO has been strongly positive since late December but recently we've seen it return to neutral for the first time since late January. Fitting that we seem to be in the midst of a stormy pattern.
Raining pretty good along HWY 10 from Osseo to Stevens Point to north of Green Bay. Rainfall estimates over 0.5" in spots means forecast is on target. Some snow will mix in overnight in the northeast before ending...minor accums if anything. Quiet night in the south with a scattered rain shower. Have a great night!
on the next website update will provide SPC convective outlook maps with links to full text. I haven't decided exactly where these maps will be... probably on a separate page. Will add to the live map. A few other things cooking too. Even though I make our own t-storm outlooks I think it's a better experience to have both.
Needed to get out of the house. Swollen streams in the area with snow dusting. Thinking about the farmers hoping they can get off to a better start this year. 
latest models showing up to an inch or so in portions of central or even southern WI into early tomorrow AM. Could be similar to the light snow we saw earlier this week. Little to nothing across northern WI (away from the snow belt).
the most active day we've had across the region in awhile. Severe thunderstorms possible across Iowa as storms currently in Nebraska shift east tonight. Still think it will be a near miss for Wisconsin on the strong/severe threat. Will keep an eye on far southern WI tonight anyway. For WI overall it's really the snow/rain activity coming from the west that will slide through tonight. An additional inch or two of snow could fall as far south as southern WI by early Friday morning.
Will be working through over the next few hours. Severe weather not expected with this round however cannot rule out small hail.
Good Morning! Rain & storms will arrive during the mid-day hours and hang with us throughout the evening. Broken line of tstorms currently moving into Iowa. We're next in line.
Snowing pretty good in spots around southern WI. 2.2" in Oshkosh so thinking about up to 3" based on that one single report I have. This morning snow will gradually end or turn to rain as the system slides east.
I discovered that the 1993-1998 files have several data issues while building the severe weather database today. I have another source I can pull from but requires so much more work. Frustrating.
It will narrow and intensify over central into northeast WI. The forecast for a strip of 0.4-0.7" is on target and will be found associated with this feature. No other concerns at this stage. Have a great day!
This afternoon I've decided to finish a really interesting teleconnection project I started a couple weeks ago. I plan to finish the storm events db by Friday. I want to share all the work that goes into producing the storm events db in video log format. Very technical. It's a beast but think it will be fun to share the data science side.
Based on latest trends made some big changes. Please see latest blog post for more info!
in the mid-upper 30s, near 40F southwest. Pretty warm to start. As the band of snow/mix passes through probably won't have much impact. A few locations reporting rain.
Adding a new yearly payment option is top priority. April 10 case study. Teleconnection research continued. Have a great week!