Account access will be restricted temporarily between 10:15 & 10:30 AM today as I push an update through. Thank you!
Pushed an update tonight that removed weekly forecasts. I'm reverting to the blog and video forecasts for that. Monthly forecasts will stay as is.
Talking latest trends in MJO. Eventual unraveling of the +AO. What that means for the Great Lakes. www.wisconsinwx.com/forecastMonthly
perhaps one of the biggest model shifts I've seen in the final 72hrs. Even that 1-3" in southeast WI will be a struggle (see image).
I know I haven't been communicating really at all lately with all the projects going on, slow weather, distractions and that will change. I have a new communication strategy. Going to rename "Storm Updates" to "Latest Updates" and open it up to more than just real-time updates. Good news is the Storm Events system now has an identical audience targeting system as the recently deployed abovementioned latest updates tool. They are basically the same thing to you. To me two different systems, two different creative packages, two different notification styles merging into one communication stream. I've always worried about over communicating. But this feels like our bread and butter. 
Made a big change today. Storm event text and maps are now always public/free. I've had internal conflict for a long time, worried about which forecast info was free and what was member only. Now it's all free and I can get the communication flowing to social media without feeling guilty. Felt afraid to say too much. I don't feel as though I'm removing value. In the past the free blog served this function but we've evolved beyond that. Thought pay walling the storm events was the answer but it is not. I have a plan to do more member only stories, approach the whole thing differently. 
9.56 pushed live an hour ago. Working day and night since Wednesday on several things with several updates. Touched/Improved almost every page in the last month and feel it coming together. Very happy with where we stand today but exhausted. Schedule is totally messed up. Need to start producing more forecasts and content. I've enjoyed working in the moment as things come up within this slow weather pattern. Productive. I see a weakness or hole and I fix it immediately. Hammering things out quickly. In good shape going forward. 
I've risked everything to be here.
weekly forecasts updated this afternoon! Watching models for 2/24-2/26 timeframe with potential storm. It's was too early to get a read based on today's runs.
snow continues as it has much of the day in southern WI. As much as 5.5" reported already in Evansville. The system is a bit disorganized with heavy snow in clusters here and there. It appears the heaviest snow came together slightly further south today. To the north a strong band is working into northwest WI that could drop and quick 1" or so. Snow will go through the rest of tonight ending in the early morning hours tomorrow. Be careful for slippery roads and travel tonight and tomorrow morning!
pushing south through eastern WI. Won't last long but during expect low visibilities. Could pick up a quick 0.5-1.0" also.
snow flying from the sky over southern and central WI atm with several trace amounts reported. Southeast WI looking at light snow up to about 6AM tomorrow morning. Mostly finished up north away from Lake Superior. Expecting 2-4" in the southeast.
down into the -30s across Minnesota, temps cooling quickly in northern WI. Warm spots in southern Wisconsin will fall quickly tonight. The cold front will reach the WI/IL border just after midnight
Beautiful freezing fog this morning!
5" as of 1pm
between 3-6am in west-central WI, spreading through the rest of Wisconsin by noon. Likely a bit of dry air at first...heavy snow possible after that.
Our winter storm is taking shape in South Dakota. It's not very widespread right now - moreso focused with heavy snowfall kind of laying across the same areas as it translate east. This feature will pivot into Wisconsin early Sunday morning. Within that main band snow will pile up quickly.
Snowfall of 6-10" looking more likely across central Wisconsin. Will begin tomorrow morning. Ending around 6PM in east-central WI.