It's quiet now - for most - after another day of snow in Wisconsin. It won't last as a period of snow will move north through the state tomorrow morning bringing another inch or so. This won't be the end of it. More snow Friday night!
snow w/wintry mix in spots has been much more common over portions of western, northern, and northwest WI the last 24 hours. It's starting to press more into the eastern half of the state tonight where it will be more common on Thursday.
except in northern WI where light snow will linger into the early afternoon.
Impressive dry slot now almost into northern MN including NW WI, much further north than progged. Snow totals will struggle. Wrap around moves through early Sat AM. Expect an additon 1-3".
snow is overspreading the state on time. No changes to the forecast! Everyone will get a decent amount of snow with this one. Enjoy!
Temperatures at 10PM in northern WI already down into the -10 to-15° range. Overnight lows will dip close to or below -20° up there...relatively warmer in the south and east. Temps rebound nicely on Friday ahead of our next winter storm.
please check back soon for the latest information! Thanks!
at 9:50AM - weak disjointed system with only isolated wintry mix in the far south thus far. Snow will develop across Wisconsin during the mid day hours. Less than 1" for most; 1-3" in the far north. Roads in good condition right now but that may change as snow develops.
heavy snow will pass through over the next 3-6 hours dropping a quick 1-3" of snow across northwest WI. Around one inch into northern WI and upper Michigan. Expect slippery road conditions overnight and tomorrow morning, perhaps some flurries lingering across the north.
snow continues to spread east. Around 1-2" by morning. Slippery roads possible overnight. Wishing everyone safe travels!
It will approach from the west, perhaps rather quickly later tonight. Be prepared for slippery roads overnight and possibly for the Monday morning commute.
2-4" reported across far southeast WI. The heaviest snows are moving out. Cannot rule out light snow showers through up through midnight.
Znow is moving back in across southeast WI. Models today continue to back track and lower snow amounts run after run. Rare to see such a huge downtrend. AS IT STANDS RIGHT NOW you will be lucky to get an additional 2-4". I don't believe the 8-12" Will materalize. Windy conditions continue with gusts near 35 MPH in the east (perhaps over 40 MPH along the lakeshore). -JP
Confidence is still low with this event and some models are further east with the snow tonight. Peak time for accumulation is between 4PM and Midnight tonight. 4-8" in portions of southeast WI.
Relatively quiet today with the peak freezing rain period done with. Cannot rule out light freezing drizzle in southern WI. Wouldn't be suprised if dry air cut that off entirely. Heavy snow develops further south into southeast WI after 4PM tonight ending around midnight. Models vary on how far west this next round will farther than Oshkosh - Dubuque line is my expectation. Additional 4-8".
slippery stretches all over southern and eastern WI, ice covered on 94 between Madison and Janesville and 41 south of Fond du lac. I'm guessing light snow has compacted into black ice north of Green Bay. Roads should improve today as plow crews get after it during the warmest part of the day.
dry air is pushing in on the western edge. Seeing many 1 and 2" reports...definitely some spots higher than that by now. Freezing rain is/was occurring in the forecasted zone between NE IA, WI/IL border, and southern WI (highest amts on elevated surfaces). Doesn't appear to be significant yet. Heaviest precip will move off early Sat AM replaced by light freezing drizzle or mist throughout the morning ahead.
Heavy snow coming down now Platteville to Madison to Watertown. Up to 2" reported southwest of Madison seems on target. Dry air holding tight in Green Bay (NE WI). Wintry mix, freezing rain, and rain in the far south...could see freezing rain down near the WI/IL border but temps near/above freezing still in Janesville. Heavy precipitation tonight, lighter tomorrow into the mid-day hours. Round #2 Sat PM.
Dry air to overcome and no reports yet but the whole nine yards wrapped up in that precip zone. Snow on the northern fringe. Wintry mix or freezing rain could develop along the WI/IL border. Moving east tonight. Temps have cooler to the freezing mark in SW WI.
Should be ready by around 2PM. It was helpful to wait for the 12z EC. Stay tuned!
Big differences on morning model runs. 00/06z EC/GFS have came in weaker/further east with the heavy snow focusing on southeast WI. Short range models(NAM, etc) coming in right now much different from EC/GFS and support the previous forecast. I will wait to make changes until full 12z run has arrived later this morning but I think we might need to blend them together. Then the risk of freezing rain along the WI-IL border. There is ALOT to clear up on the forecast this afternoon! CORRECTION (graphic image on the right should say "06Z GFS")
Will need to give more attention to late Friday night/early Saturday morning. The attached image is for 12AM Sat showing snow breaking out in southern WI. Latest runs showing more support for this. Also freezing rain risk increasing along the WI/IL border that needs a close look. Otherwise everything else on track. May need to boost snow totals per short range models but will vet that with the 12z Friday model runs.
Very icy/slippery conditions have developed across central and northern Wisconsin. Seeing reports of ice covered roads especially central WI. Travel carefully!
travel not advised between Tomah and La Crosse. Several reports of icy glaze on roads with developing wintry mix. Moving into northern WI.
nothing showing up right now except a blip in SW WI. Radar reflectivities will develop and expand across WI today. Light wintry mix, snow(north), and scattered rain showers south. Temperatures still in low 20's north..rising in the south. Slippery roads possible.