The highest so far in Wisconsin. Curious to see more reports from the area, including Wausau up to Rhinelander.
Snow is ending moving to the south. Close to 9 inches reported near Rhinelander the highest so far. Most places east and west in the 3-6 range
Do you think we get 100% snow covered roads tonight? It's possible! Slippery spots in east central WI. Still in good shape around Milwaukee but will worsen somewhat tonight.
Snow finally on the move into southern WI. Temps dropping too as nighttime arrives helping snow to stick to pavement. Snow will end by 4am Tues
Looks weak on radar and partially due to radar not picking it up near Rhinelander. Snowing across the north; heaviest in upper MI and western WI. Snow will pivot out of the north today and begin impacting southern Wisconsin closer to 6PM. Pretty quiet down south until then.
Places west of Wisconsin Rapids already seeing snow. Rain across much of northern & NE-WI right now but beginning to change over in some areas. Reflectivites kind of weak right now...expect intensification today.
Increased Wisconsin Rapids/Eau Claire into the 6-10" range. Still like 3-6" for northern WI overall. Trimming back slightly in eastern WI where temps remain quite warm.
Rain will move in from the south overnight. It's coming in from the south-southeast - kind of unusual storm track - and will pivot around throughout the event. Rain will turn to snow (heavy in spots) during the early/mid morning hours tomorrow morning.
Temperatures will reach into the 50s over southern Wisconsin today. Very warm for Dec 29th.
A large slug of rain will pass through overnight. Additional rainfall amounts in the 0.5-1.0" range. The rain will reduce to a mist/drizzle Sunday morning/mid day as the dry slot sweeps through.
the first bands working in now. It's falling as a light rain or freezing rain in the north. Slippery spots reported in the Eau Claire/Minneapolis region. Wintry mix to continue today in the north, changeover to rain for everyone this afternoon/tonight.
A strong storm system will arrive during the mid-day and afternoon hours on Saturday. A wintry mix/icy conditions are possible at onset before a change over to rain for northern WI. Rainfall amounts by Sunday could reach an inch and half, perhaps more locally. Lesser amounts in SE WI and upper MI. Sunday will be quiet with light drizzle, mist, or even a quick burst of sun as the dry slot passes completely through WI. Snow likely on Monday as the storm redevelops. More on that later.
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