Battling the cold this morning
The Fox river is frozen with snow drifts
Quick tip, drive on the snow packed part of the lanes for better stopping traction. Bare lanes are pure ice right now.
Welcome everyone! It makes me so happy to see you finally interacting with our website! The community, commenting, and report features are still being worked out and subject to change. You can report snowfall or rain by clicking the report button at the top of the composer which is located on the community page and your profile page. Reports get added to our graphics and feeds across the website which we use to provide information on the Wisconsin Weather facebook page. Please be patient if things do not work perfectly yet. It's a work in progress! Thanks!
Heavy snow in Oshkosh this morning!
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Thanks for the report! Sorry your image wasn't tilted into portrait mode. Haven't figured out how to do that with the import tool yet.
Greetings Justin. I’ll try and send you updates from the great Northwoods, Sugar Camp, Wi. 15 miles south of Eagle River. Don
Welcome back winter!!! 2 degrees F this morning at Rock Dam Lake in Clark County. Not sure if the sun is going to help warm things up today.?.?
7" of snow in Milton at 4 am on Saturday.
With MJO going back into Phase 4 and neutral AO, feel like core of the cold will be delayed until late January or possibly February. In the meantime still colder than average. We will see the stormy pattern continue across the Midwest. Hopefully we can get a storm or two in Wisconsin.
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