Planning to release WIWX 7.6 on Monday next week. Working hard on many new things. Very happy with how things are going with the new storm events page. Excited to share.
Woke up to a decent frost here in west-central Wisconsin this morning. Looks like more rain and wet snow this weekend.
Rapid fire updates this week. 7.52 pushed this morning improved the archives page, fixed google maps issues on chase map, tinkered with styling on post page, a few bug fixes. Want to push 7.53 tomorrow and 7.6 next week.
Great news. Got the green light on the new NWS warning feed and will start work shortly. I decided to do a small update in advance of warning fixes since I wasn't sure how long I would be waiting.
7.5 released yesterday. No major changes. New outlook page layout, map archives by day. Waiting for green light on warnings upgrades still several weeks away.
Rain shower over Lake Winnebago