Pretty sunset
Beautiful day at Little Silver Lake!
Memorial day is upon us.
It is still only Wednesday, and things do change, especially within the models. Thanks for the quick reply Justin!  Back to religiously checking the models as usual!
Hi Hunter, thanks for writing! The team is discussing chase opportunities in Thursday, Friday, and maybe this weekend depending on location. Friday looks like the best chance for severe in Wisconsin during this period. Black River Falls doesn't look like a bad spot RIGHT NOW but things can and usually do change. Storm mode is another consideration. Wind profiles are veered but weak suggesting preference toward line or squall segments. We'll see!
Is anyone Going chasing this weekend? Friday-Saturday look decent on some of the models, Was thinking around Black river Falls, but may be tough terrain...
Welcome to 2018 where 0.01" of rain is considered heavy. Good thing Heavy Rain reports are not used for anything meaningful.
Truck near Pine River, WI
Turned off warning email updates again because we are still dealing with several issues.
In case you were wondering how cold it was in April relative to average.
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