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Wisconsin Weather has the largest storm chasing website in Wisconsin, the largest weather video library in the great lakes, and 16,000 fans on facebook! Our page is constantly growing! Our goal is to keep you ahead of the storm while sharing our passion, encourage storm chasing, and develop citizen scientists who push the weather community forward!

Our team members contribute on a purely-voluntary basis surrounded by other like-minded individuals passionate about weather who push each other forward, together. We work hard to provide you with the most accurate, most interesting, and most pure weather experience in the world!

Team Members (2018)

Justin Poublon

Team Leader
Storm Chaser - Meteorologist - Data Scientist - Webmaster - Photographer
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Joined: 2013
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Chris Valley

Storm Chaser - Meteorologist
Joined: 2013

Hunter Anderson

Storm Chaser - Meterology Student
St. Cloud University (MN)
Joined: 2013
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Joe Slotter

Storm Chaser
Joined: 2015
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Justin Gloede

Storm Chaser
University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley
Joined: 2013

Isaac Schluesche

Storm Chaser - Photographer
Joined: 2017
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